Our Services

Our team possess the necessary skills and expertise to ensure the protection of your home while preserving its aesthetic appeal.

Siding Installation

Affordable Siding Ltd is a highly sought-after contractor for siding replacement and installation services. Our certified professionals possess extensive experience in exterior home solutions and are proficient in working with all types of siding materials, including aluminum and vinyl.

Soffit Installation

Soffit serves an important purpose in both the structural integrity and aesthetic design of a building. It can be customized to enhance the appearance and style of your home. There are various soffit options available that can complement the architecture of your house. Vinyl and aluminum soffits are widely popular and cost-effective options, as evidenced by the high demand for these materials in both the US and Canada.


The experts at Rainscreen will evaluate your home and create a finish that seamlessly complements the architecture and style of your home. Trims provide the perfect finishing touch to any siding project. There are various options available when selecting the material for trims.

Our Working Process


As homeowners seek more durable and low-maintenance options for their home's exterior, composite materials are gaining popularity in the renovation market. One such material is James Hardie fibre cement siding, which comes with a 15-year paint warranty and a 50-year material warranty, making it virtually maintenance-free. Its natural wood grain appearance rivals that of cedar siding, yet it is often 30% less expensive than most cedar siding options.


Cedar siding is widely considered to be the best option for exterior wood cladding. It is durable, resistant to decay and moisture, and with proper maintenance, can last for 40-50 years. Many providers offer a 25-year warranty on properly fitted and handled materials. Cedar offers a natural aesthetic appeal, but it does require regular maintenance. Our cedar siding installation professionals can provide personalized recommendations based on your individual situation.

Wood Working

When it comes to wood decking, three popular options are redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated wood. Cedar is well-known for its natural resistance to rot, insects, and moisture and its ability to maintain its shape. Redwood is also a durable option but it is more expensive than cedar. Pressure-treated lumber is a more affordable option and it is widely used by deck builders in the United States for its durability and resistance to rot and insects. Ultimately, the choice of wood will depend on your budget, desired aesthetic, and the local climate.

Custom Flashing

Custom-made flashings offer a long-term and reliable waterproof barrier for any building. Tailored to fit any residential or commercial location, our flashings ensure optimal water protection. Regardless of the required gauge or metal type, our team can assist you in obtaining the perfect fit and finish for your project. We utilize a variety of sustainable metals for both interior and exterior flashing needs.