Any decaying wood visible on the patio, porch, inside of the house, or on the siding is the last thing that anyone wants. Hence, it may be both unsafe and quite annoying to have rotten wood in your house. With our state-of-the-art technology and team of efficient experts, you can opt for siding and window repairs, deck and wall replacements, and other maintenance-related activities. We also help you identify if your home needs a rot repair.

For instance, our team will identify the following symptoms:

  • cracks across the grain
  • Off-white fibers of the fungus
  • Growth of fungus on the surface
  • Off-white or yellow tinge on the brickwork
  • Damp Musty Smell
  • Darkened Spongy Timber
  • Water Ingress Problems

These signs indicate the need for repair. Wood that has a fungus growing in it is decaying, or having wood rot. Wet wood is related to wood rot because the fungus needs a specific amount of moisture in the wood in order to develop. Wood rot is not a problem for dry wood. The fungus responsible for wood rot eats away at the wood’s structure, eventually causing the wood to be destroyed. The two most prevalent varieties of fungus that damage wood are wet rot and dry rot. Their different names do not deny the fact that both need moisture to start growing and feeding on the wood in your building. Both wet and dry rot has a lot of the same traits. Both of these forms of fungus rot have the potential to weaken the building’s foundation if left untreated. Additionally, the building’s ventilation needs to be adequate in order to avoid either from developing. Although rot repair is not that difficult, there should be certain factors to be calculated before taking appropriate steps. That’s where our skillful team comes to your rescue. However, replacing the wood totally will be your best option if wood rot spreads throughout, compromising the feature’s overall integrity. It is simpler to identify wood rot early and stop it from becoming an expensive problem with routine, seasonal inspections of the wood features on your house or commercial structure. No matter how severe the wood rot is, getting professional assistance is always your best course of action. At Affordable Siding, our knowledgeable staff will assess the damage, give you advice about whether to repair or replace it and use their experience to assist you in maintaining the wood elements of your house or structure